Appetizers, snacks and salads

Beef tartare and toasted bread as a starter (A/F/M/O)
€ 11,20
Beef tartare with toasted bread as a main (A/F/M/O)
€ 15,90
Cured beef in gelatine served with red onions and pumpkin seed oil (L)
€ 8,50
Strips of grilled chicken breast marinated with rosemary and thyme on a bed of salad greens (M/O)
€ 10,40
Deboned chicken breaded in pumpkin seeds on green and potato salad with pumpkin seed oil (A/C/L/M/O)
€ 11,20
Fried ewe's cheese wrapped in bacon served on a bed of salad greens (G/M/O)
€ 9,40
Consommé (L) with a choice of strips of pancake (A/C/G), liver dumplings (A/C), semolina dumplings (A/C/G), noodles (A/C) or fried batter pearls (A/C/G)
€ 3,50
Cheese dumpling soup (A/C/G/L)
€ 4,50
Viennese soup pot with boiled beef, vegetables and noodles (A/C/L)
€ 5,50


Beef goulash with bread dumpling, gherkin and bratwurst (A/C/G/L/M)
€ 11,40
"Tafelspitz" (boiled beef) with roast potatoes, creamy spinach, chive sauce and a horseradish-apple garnish (A/C/G/L/O)
€ 17,90
Medaillons of pork with bacon-and-pepper sauce, broccoli and croquettes (A/C/G/L/M)
€ 16,90
Roasted veal liver with rice (A/G/L/O) served with roast potatoes and a gherkin
€ 14,90
"Zwiebelrostbraten" (beef and onions in gravy) served with roast potatoes and a gherkin (A/L/M/O)
€ 16,90
Hausspieß - Pork with bacon, onion, zucchini, potato wedges - served with onion mustard and ketchup (A/O/M)
€ 16,90
Veal schnitzel with butter rice
€ 18,60

Fish & vegetarian & vegan dishes

Cheese dumplings with roasted onions and green salad (A/C/G/M)
€ 11,30
Roasted bread dumpling with egg and green salad (A/C/G/M/O)
€ 9,40
Roasted bread dumpling with egg, bacon and green salad (A/C/G/M/O)
€ 11,50
Homemade spinach and goats cheese puff pastries on tomato ragout with parmesan cheese and green salad (A/C/G/M/O)
€ 11,30
Homemade cabbage puff pastries with capsicum sauce and green salad (A/G/L/M) (vegan)
€ 11,30
Grilled fillet of Zander with ratatouille and parsley potatoes (A/D/G/L)
€ 15,60
Baked cod fillet with mayonnaise salad (A/C/D/G/L/M)
€ 16,20
Line fish - please ask your waitron for daily recommendations
Egg dumplings with chives and green salad (A/C/G/M/O)
€ 9,40

For our young guests

"Batman" - Chicken schnitzel with fries and ketchup (A/C/G)
€ 6,80
"Captain Nemo" - Fish fingers (4 pcs.) with potato salad (A/C/D/L/M/O)
€ 5,40
"Pokemon" - Bratwurst with fries and ketchup
€ 5,50

Desserts & ice cream & cheese

“Mohr im Hemd” Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (A/C/F/G/H)
€ 6,80
Pancake with apricot jam (A/C/G)
€ 2,30
Pancake with Nutella ®, nuts and whipped cream (A/C/G/H)
€ 5,20
House cake ("Frag-mich-doch-Torte")
€ 4,90
Iced apricot dumpling with whipped cream and fresh fruits (A/C/G/H)
€ 3,20
Pancake with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts and whipped cream (A/C/G/H)
€ 5,90
Limoncello-lemon ice cream served with limoncello
€ 5,90
Mixed ice cream served with whipped cream (A/C/F/G/H) (strawberry/vanilla/chocolate/hazelnut/pistacchio)
€ 1,60
Curd cheese strudel with vanilla sauce (A/C/G)
€ 4,90
Ice coffee with whipped cream (A/C/G)
€ 4,90
Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (A/C/G/H)
€ 4,90
"Coup Denmark" - vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream (A/C/G)
Yeast dumpling filled with plum jam, served with poppy seeds and vanilla sauce (A/C/G/H)
€ 5,90
Vanilla ice cream with pumpkin seed oil and whipped cream (A/C/G)
€ 4,90
Poppy seed dumpling with cinnamon crumbs, served on white chocolate sauce (A/C/F/G)
€ 7,80
Vanilla and hazelnut ice cream served with eggnog and whipped cream (A/C/G/H)
€ 5,90
Nougat dumplings with cinnamon breadcrumbs served on a fruit coulis (A/C/F/G/H/N)
€ 7,80
Cheese plate (O/G) - small
€ 10,80
Curd cheese soufflé served on apricot coulis (A/C/G)
€ 7,20
Cheese plate (O/G)
€ 15,20
Almond soufflé with nougat served on an almond reduction (A/C/F/G/H) (1 piece)
€ 7,20
Chocolate soufflé with a core of truffled oranges (A/C/G/F/H)
€ 7,20


Small cheese platter
€ 11,80
Cheese platter
€ 16,50

Fresh bread ...

Specialty bread
€ 0,60
Bread from baker Schmidl in Dürnstein
€ 1,60

Bread & side dishes

Roast potatoes, fries with ketchup
€ 3,90
Croquettes (A/C/G), parsley potatoes (G), roast potatoes (G), boiled potatoes (G)
€ 3,30
Buttered rice (G), sliced bread dumpling (A/C/F/G/N)
€ 3,30
Grilled vegetables
€ 6,90
Tossed salad (G/L/M/O) small portion
€ 3,90
Tossed salad (G/L/M/O) big portion
€ 8,00
Mustard (M/O), ketchup, pumpkin seed oil, butter (G), mayonnaise (C/G)
€ 1,00
Tartare sauce (C/M), grated horseradish (O), cranberries
€ 1,20
Bread rolls sourced from Schmidl in Dürnstein (A/F/G/H/N)
€ 1,60
Bread sourced from Linsbichler, Vienna/Schmidl, Dürnstein
€ 0,60

Meat and sausages         
Austrian veal sourced from the Most- und Traunviertel regions, Hürner, Amstetten
Austrian straw-reared pork from the Alpine foothills, Hürner, Amstetten
Austrian "Tullnerfeldner" pork, Trünkel, Vienna
Austrian veal from the Mostviertel region, Hürner, Amstetten

Austrian maize-fed chicken, fillets from the maize-fed chicken, Wech, Carinthia

Sourced from the LGV - Viennese Vegetable Farmers' Cooperative (Genossenschaft von allen Wiener Gemüsebauern), Radowan

Hannes Schmöllerl, Kleinrötz

Cheese and milk products
Haas Lebensmittel - "As an official ambassador for fresh products we value our regional, high-quality milk, which is why we exclusively use milk products sourced regionally from NÖM."

Eierhof Edhofer, Michelndorf

Bread & bread rolls           
Bakery Linsbichler, Vienna & Bäckerei Schmidl, Wachau

Ice cream                   
Polly Eis – Vienna

Fried and savoury

Boneless fried maize-fed chicken, served with potato and green salad (wings come with bones) (A/C/G/L/M)
€ 13,40
Cordon bleu - Austrian maize-fed chicken schnitzel filled with ham and gouda cheese, served with potato salad (A/C/G/L/M)
€ 15,60
Original Wiener Schnitzel - breaded veal schnitzel, served with potato and green salad (A/C/G/L/M/O)
€ 18,20
Chicken schnitzen - breaded Austrian maize-fed chicken schnitzel, served with potato and green salad (A/C/G/L/M/O)
€ 13,20
Pork schnitzel - regionally sourced, served with potato salad (A/C/G/L/M/O)
€ 12,80
Cured pork schnitzel, served with tossed salad (A/C/G/L/M/O)
€ 13,20
Baked calf's head, served with mayonnaise salad (A/C/G/L/M/O)
€ 11,80
Baked veal liver, served with parsley potatoes (A/C/G)
€ 14,90
Cheese duet - baked Emmental and Brie cheese, served with parsley potatoes, cranberries & tartare sauce (A/C/G/M)
€ 12,60